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Safety/ Set-up/ Cleaning

SAFETY Is Important At All Times

WARNING: This not a childs toy. Adult supervison is required for children playing this

game. Please read the instructions carefully. Improper use of this game may result in damage or injury.

Player safety is paramount.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and provide plenty of room when players are shooting.

Only Sauce Toss® approved pucks should be used.

Sticks and pucks can damage property or injure players, careful care should be taken when shooting with sticks and pucks.

Do not elevate pucks higher than 1 foot.

Safety glasses and head protection is recommended.

Do not stand on the board, they are designed for normal game play only, any misuse of the game may result in injury or damage.



Secure the large net overtop the outer board pegs until flush.

Attach the small net inside the middle pegs.

Secure the middle net velcro to the velcro underneath the board.

Measuring from the front of the boards, place 20 feet apart (adjusted based on skill level).

Floating back net can be lifted to remove pucks.

For use of the carrying strap, see ‘Carrying Strap Assembly’.


Storage and Cleaning

Your new Sauce Toss® game is made of premium products and designed to offer years of use.

Though the board is made of high-density polyethylene and nets stainless steel, we strongly recommend the game is not left out in the weather.

Prolonged sunlight and rain can damage the nets and boards.

Boards can be cleaned with mild soap and water and lubricated with a water resistant silicone lubricant.

Excessive hot or cold temperatures can cause warping to boards, if laid flat at room temperature they will return to form.

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