Bean Bag Toss For Hockey Players

How to Play


  • Secure the large net overtop the outer board pegs until flush.
  • Attach the small net inside the middle pegs.
  • Secure the middle net velcro to the velcro underneath the board.
  • Measuring from the front of the boards, place 20 feet apart (adjusted based on skill level).
  • Floating back net can be lifted to remove pucks.
  • For use of the carrying strap, see ‘Carrying Strap Assembly’.


  • The game can be played with either 2 or 4 players.
  • Line-up opposite of partner (similar to bean bag toss).
  • Each player will sauce all 4 pucks in a row during their respective turn.
  • The round is complete after all players have completed their turn.
  • After a sauce, the puck should be cleared off the board, as to not interfere with the next sauce.
  • Team that scored the most points on their previous turn will start the next round.


  • Points are scored when a player sauces a puck into the nets. Just like the game of hockey, pucks do not need to stay in the net to be counted as a goal, for example, if the puck crosses the goal line or hits the net and bounces out it’s a good goal.
    • A puck in the big, white net = 1 point
    • A puck in the small, black net = 3 points
  • Points are added consecutively regardless of the opposing teams score on a given round (unlike bean bag toss which uses cancellation scoring).
  • The game is over when one team reaches (or exceeds) 21 points at the completion of a round. A game can never end in the middle of a round, for example, if the team saucing first reaches or exceeds 21 points, the game can not end until the other side sauces all their pucks, then the round is complete.
  • See Scoring Example.


  • The opposing player may play defense, only if the puck does not land directly on the board, for example the puck bounces, skips, or rolls.
  • If the puck is sauced from one board and lands directly onto the other board, there can be no interference with the puck. If the defender interferes with a puck landing directly on the board (clean sauce), it results in 3 points for the saucing team.
  • See Defense Explanation.


  • Though the board is made of high-density polyethylene and nets stainless steel, we strongly recommend the game is not left out in the weather. Prolonged sunlight and rain can damage the nets and boards.
  • Boards can be cleaned with mild soap and water and lubricated with a water resistant silicone lubricant.
  • Excessive hot or cold temperatures can cause the boards to warp, lie flat at room temperature to return to form.
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