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Rules and Gameplay



Boards placed 20 feet apart depending on skill level. 

Line-up opposite of partner (similar to bean bag toss).

4 pucks are sauced from one opposing team at a time from the same side board.



Each player will sauce all 4 pucks in a row during their respective turn.

The round is complete after all players have completed their turn.

Team that scored the most points on their previous turn will start the next round.

After every sauce, the puck should be cleared off the board, as to not interfere with the next sauce.

The team scoring the most points on their previous turn will be the first player to start the next round.



Points are scored by saucing the pucks from one board to the other board and scoring points into the big white net for 1 point or the small black net for 3 points.

Unlike a bean bag toss game, using cancellation scoring, points are added consecutively regardless of the opposing teams score on a given turn.

The game shall be played until the first team reaches (or exceeds) 21 points at the completion of a round.

A Sauce Toss® game can never end in the middle of a round.

For example, if the team saucing first reaches or exceeds 21 points, the game can not end until the other side sauces all their pucks, then the round is complete.

The winning team does not need to win by two or more points.

Just like the game of hockey, pucks do not have to stay in the net to be counted a goal.

For example, if the puck crosses the goal line or hits the net and bounces out it’s a good goal. 


The opposing player may play defense, only if the puck does not land directly on the board.

For example the puck bounces, skips, rolls. 

If the puck is sauced from one board and lands directly onto the other board, there can be no interference with the puck.

If the defender interferes with a puck landing directly on the board (clean sauce), it results in 3 points for the saucing team.

 See Defense Explanation.

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